Dear 8th grade parents,

The Yosemite Camping trip will be here before we know it.  This trip is such a wonderful experience for our 8th graders each year.  Students will create memories for their lifetime.  While this trip is so exciting for students, we know that parents have many concerns at the same time.  We have some information below that might answer some of the concerns that we have heard so far.

We have a large number of chaperones going on the trip with our students.  There will be eight parent chaperones and two staff members from Rooftop School.  The first staff member is someone who has been at Rooftop School for many years.  His name is Doug Reed.  He runs our Math Counts program after school.  He works with all students in all middle school classrooms.  He also tutors 5th grade students in math.  Mr. Reed has gone on the Yosemite camping trip for many years and knows the program really well.  The second staff member is Katie McDougall.  Katie is our school social worker.  She works with students K-8th grade.  Although this will be her first Rooftop Yosemite trip, she is extremely excited about going on this excursion this year.  Ms. McDougall works with students in many different capacities, but building relationships is one of her strengths and so her participation in this camping trip is a huge asset.  Mr Kawaii, Ms McGraw and Ms Smith are working closely with Ms McDougall and Mr Reed in preparation for the trip.

The teacher/educator engagement from NatureBridge is commendable.  They have a very organized program. NatureBridge hosts daily events.  NatureBridge educators run the activities during the day.  Chaperone support these activities for students.  We are grateful that we have a large number of chaperones willing to attend this week long event for the sake of our children.  Although chaperones participate in all student activities, chaperones do not discipline our students.  If discipline is needed, school staff will handle it.  We have the same expectations of student behavior in Yosemite that we have at Rooftop School.  The same rules, “Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible” apply.  Please remind your children that unsafe behavior will not be tolerated.  Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to another successful Yosemite trip!