Winter Workshop has officially begun and the kids are hard at work, each making a handmade gift for someone special in their lives. This Friday will be the last day of Winter Workshop at Burnett Campus, and we’ll be hosting our traditional Cookie Party to wrap up the week’s festivities on a sweet note. Next Friday afternoon will be the final day of Mayeda’s Winter Workshop, and we’ll enjoy a similar “wrap” party.

To help make Winter Workshop even more festive, please consider donating cookies or juice boxes to this year’s party. Store-bought or home-made cookies are great (please no nuts – for allergies) and any brand of juice box (although Capri Sun is favored, as Rooftop recycles pouches as a fundraiser!)  Kindly send in your donation with your child to school on Friday Dec 2nd, or deliver the cookies to the Burnett Teacher Lunchroom by 9 am on Friday morning.  Thank you!