For only $5 per ticket ($20 for 5) you can be the winner of an awesome Dutch-style bike. Want to be hip, green, fit, practical and totally stylish? Buy yourself a ticket or a roll of tickets and this sweet ride could be yours!

Check out the bike at, look for the C7 or V7 model (standard). You will have a choice of color (white, orange, green) and style (step-through or sloped diamond).

Testimony from Rooftop parent: “This bike makes you feel like a million bucks!” 2nd Prize is a bike rental for two and 3rd prize is a 1-hour Go Car Tour.

Tickets will be sold at the Friday Coffees (2/3 and 3/2), the PTA meeting (2/8) and at the Auction. Or find Verna Liza in the MPR after drop off. The prizes will be drawn at the Auction, but you do not need to be present to win.