Dear Rooftop Community,

Lilli, one of our beloved Art Coordinators, had to leave her position over the summer. This position needs to be filled and I believe that we have a lot of talent with in our own community. The position has a focus on the clay program of art, in addition working with the art committee. It is a paid position through a PTA stipend.

We will be conducting interviews the second week of September. If you are interested please send a cover letter and resume to If you have any questions, please call Diana Marshall at 522-6757.

Job Description:

  • Understanding of classroom management strategies and techniques
  • Ability to go into varying age levels of classrooms and teach clay projects
  • Possess a good working relationship with staff, students, and parent community
  • Knowledge of the Kiln
  • Technical knowledge of clay and the firing process
  • Ability to manage clay materials
  • Awareness of the cost of clay projects and the ability to stay with in a designated budget.
  • Ability to organize multiple projects at the same time.