Thank you for your tireless support of your children at Rooftop. Through field trips, volunteering in the classroom, art projects, the Halloween parade, winter workshop, parent-teacher meetings, school sports, after-school activities, and everything else that happens in the course of a school year, you have shown your commitment to giving your children the best possible education. The Rooftop PTA is proud to partner with you and all of the staff at Rooftop for the education and joyful learning of all of the children. Your individual commitment to your children and therefore the school does not go unnoticed.

This holiday season wont you consider contributing to Rooftop’s Annual Giving Fund? Please make check payable to Rooftop PTA, mail the check to the Burnett Campus at 443 Burnett Avenue or send in with your child to turn in to his/her teacher. Our school website also makes gifting easier and online. Simply click on the donate button found on the bottom right column. Thank you for your support and generosity.