Dear Friends and Families of the Rooftop Community,

Did you know that every child in fifth, sixth, and eighth grade at Rooftop gets to participate in an enriching outdoor educational experience? That is, three opportunities for our children to apply their learning in the great outdoors.

Here is an excerpt from the Encarta®World English dictionary that may give you pause to think about what this means when we give students an “experience” in nature…

ex·pe·ri·ence n

4.     direct personal awareness of or contact with a particular thing

5.     the sum total of the things that have happened to an individual and of his or her past thoughts and feelings

6.     knowledge acquired through the senses rather than through abstract reasoning


1.     to be exposed to, involved in, or affected by something

2.     to feel a particular sensation or emotion

These unforgettable adventures are brought to you in part by the PTA.

The PTA allots scholarship money so that this kind of “experience” can be offered to every child at Rooftop. We are asking you to consider the value of this kind of knowledge and to make an additional donation to the PTA.

Lastly, please feel free to forward this request to your extended family: The grandparents, the uncles, the aunties, the cousins…

We know that all children merit an outdoor education opportunity and believe that your families also value this aspect of instruction at Rooftop.

With thanks,

Outdoor Ed