As we close this school year, many of you will be wondering where your child(ren) will be next year.  The good news is that we let families know what classroom they will be in next year on the last day of school.  You will find a classroom number on your child’s report card indicating which room he/she will be in.  We do not indicate which teacher he/she will have because there are sometimes staffing changes that take place over the summer.
The process that we use to group students into classrooms is the following: Teachers of current students work together as a team to create three balanced classrooms.  We balance the classrooms based on students’ academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs.  Unfortunately we cannot take parent requests for particular teachers.  We could never accommodate every request and at the same time, balance the classrooms.  Lastly, we are confident that all of the Rooftop teachers are qualified to work with all of our students.