Sign-Up Parties are a FUN way to get to know other Rooftop families and are hot sellers at the Auction.

What is a “Sign-Up Party”?
A Sign-Up party is hosted by a Rooftop family for Rooftop families, adults or kids. The host decides:

  • The theme of the party
  • The location (at their home or out in the community)
  • Who the party is for (adults, children or families)
  • The number of participants who can come to the party
  • The date
  • The fee to attend the party (but we will also help you find the right price point).

These fun and creative parties are offered at a wide price range ($25pp -$100/family). Popular parties include dinner/cocktail/cooking parties,family outings, knitting and game night and many, many more. Any idea that shares your enthusiasm for something is a great one! Think about what your own family members would enjoy, or perhaps special things you may have to offer.

What do I need to do to host a party?
Email with any questions/ideas or submit your party online by Feb 8. Parties can be held starting March 22 and throughout next year.