A very exciting thing is happening this coming weekend! The first-ever San Francisco Tech-Savvy Scavenger Hunt.

What in the world is a Tech Savvy Scavenger Hunt? Simply put, it is a super fun event where teams compete, armed with their trusty smartphones to lead the way, in a series of missions. The missions are creative and fun tasks that lead you to explore San Francisco in new ways. You send your answers to “headquarters” and the team that completes the most missions wins!

Who should do this? Everyone! Young or old … single or not …. tech-savvy or not! Grab some co-workers and make it an office thing. Recruit some of your high school or college classmates. You could even take your wife and kids and make it a family team. But wait, here’s the best part. While you’re having all this great fun on September 29, guess who you’re helping? All the kids in this great city of ours! This fantastically exciting, quintessentially San Franciscan event benefits our public schools (courtesy www.edMatch.org)!

So sign up today at http://tech-savvy-scavenger-hunt.eventbrite.com/

Registering a team involves a $50 fee, so call up 3 of your favorite people and invite them to join you on this adventure. Oh, and there are some GREAT prizes for the winners. Things like jerseys signed by the one and only Matt Cain, concert tickets from LiveNations, Roku streaming entertainment devices and much more.

Tech-Savvy Scavenger Hunt (benefitting SF public schools)
Saturday, September 29 at 12:30pm
Civic Center Plaza