SBAC Testing – Coming Soon! – 3rd-8th Grade ONLY
As you know, statewide testing is coming soon.  As we mentioned in another bulletin, the testing window opened in March and ends in May.  However, at Rooftop School, we will not actually begin testing until April 17.  We have a draft schedule for testing that we’d like you to be aware of so you can start preparing your child.  Here is the tentative schedule:
  • 3rd/4th grade:  4/17-5/5
  • 5th grade:  5/2-5/12
  • 6th grade:  5/1-5/4
  • 7th grade:  4/24-4/27
  • 8th grade:  4/24-4/27 and 5/9-5/10 Science
All grade levels (3-8th grade) will take Math and Language Arts assessments.  Grades 5 and 8 will also take a Science test in addition to Math and ELA.
SBAC Resources/Practice – 3rd-8th grade only
As you see above the SBAC testing is approaching quickly.  The document HERE included resources ranging from free typing programs to SBAC practice questions.  Please take a moment to review these documents and utilize the resources to help your child prepare for the upcoming SBAC tests.
What do I do after SBAC testing?  Understanding your child’s SBAC Report (3-8th grade only)
You will receive your child’s SBAC testing report in the Summer.  This video gives you valuable information on understanding the report you will receive.
In addition to this video, Great Schools has a wonderful website and resource available for families to help them understand their child’s scores and how they can help their child once they receive the scores.