The biggest event of the year is set for Saturday, March 14, 2015. Mark your calendar for Rooftop’s Annual Auction and Children’s Art Show at the Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. Please take the time during the holiday break to speak with friends and family about the wonderful experiences your children are having and the community we are building at Rooftop. Use the 2015 donor form to solicit donations for our silent auction and ask businesses you frequent to support a thriving public school in San Francisco.

Sponsor, Donate, Volunteer and Shop through the Rooftop Auction website (direct link: Over the next few months, please visit the website for auction information and updates. We are also looking for a volunteer to help update our website content, which can be done after school hours and at your convenience. If you can help, please contact Verna Liza Caba | 415.7294581 |

Attachment: Rooftop Auction 2015 Donor Form (PDF)