The biggest event of the year is set for Saturday, March 14, 2015. Mark your calendar for Rooftop’s Annual Auction and Children’s Art Show at the Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. Please take the time during the holiday break to speak with friends and family about the wonderful experiences your children are having and the community we are building at Rooftop. Use the 2015 donor form to solicit donations for our silent auction and ask businesses you frequent to support a thriving public school in San Francisco.

Volunteers Needed
Studies show that student performance increase and their overall school life experience is better when the student’s parent(s) or primary care giver volunteers at school.  Be an active participant and join our community of auction volunteers.  Even if you only have less than 1 hour/week during the day or in the evenings, we can pair you with an auction job that is enjoyable and most convenient for you.  For the month of January and February, we need most volunteers to make follow up phone calls in our Solicitation Team, drive around town in for our Pick Up Team to process donations in our Merchandise Receiving and Data Input Teams.   To sign up on line: or fill out an Auction Job Description Form (attached) and return to the office on either campus.
It’s our 33rd Auction
Some of you may have noticed that while we celebrated the 22nd Annual Auction and Children’s Art Show last year, this year’s Auction is being billed as our 33rd.  We recently came across information documenting the very first Rooftop Auction in 1982 which was held in the Burnett MPR.  To pay homage to our community of Auction Volunteers and their contribution to a Rooftop tradition, we are renumbering our Auction celebration.  To learn more about the early days of the Rooftop Auction and other Rooftop traditions, check out our school website:
Art Is…I.D.E.A.S
The theme for the 33rd Rooftop Auction and Children’s Art Show is Art Is…I.D.E.A.S:  Set the Imagination Free.  As our students approach everyday learning in reading, writing, arithmetic and science with an artistic lens, they are guided by a set line of inquiries. The primary question is how do we use Imagination, Design, Empathy, Action and Storytelling to become problem solvers?

Job Description Form 2015