Rooftop’s amazing and awesome seventh grade has been working on a multi-disciplinary (in Language arts, math, and art) comics project for the last six weeks, and the Artists of Tomorrow are ready to show you their results an a meet-the-artists event at Comix Experience (305 Divisadero St. at Page) at 6 PM on Thursday, January 28th!

There are forty-two different comics produced by the seventh grade class, and 100% of the proceeds of the kid’s comics go back to the kids and the classroom.  All 42 comics will be available individually, or in a pack of the entire grade for $40.  You can paypal $40 right now to to reserve a set of all 42 comics — this will make a huge difference in our setting the print run for the comics!

Come and meet the Artists of the Future and have them sign their comics before they all become fabulously famous! You can also follow this event on facebook at