Rooftop’s yearbook depends on photos shared by the whole Rooftop community to fill our yearbook. The deadline for submitting photos for the 2012-1013 Yearbook is here!
Please share class specific group-shot photos from the following Rooftop organized events: School field trips, art, special in-class events, Halloween Parade, Rooftop Run, In-school Performances, Winter Workshop, Morning circle/Dailies, Friday Sing-a-long, Sensory Motor, Garden, Playground/PE, Sports/Teams/Games, Clubs/Groups, Special Day, Chorus, etc.
Here’s how to submit your photos to the Yearbook team…
1.  (Preferred) If you have access to the internet, this is the easiest and quickest way. Upload your photos directly to us by going to, search for “Rooftop” and follow the directions.
– OR –
2. Copy your picture files (JPG format please) to a non-returnable CD/disc, and put that disc in the “Yearbook” box located in either  Mayeda or Burnett Offices.
  • Digital photos only please.
  • Label all discs and photos with grade, homeroom teacher, and student names whenever possible.
  • Highest quality/resolution only please. Many cell phone pictures may not work because the quality/resolution will not be adequate for printing in the yearbook.
  • NO originals please, unless arrangements have been made with one of the Yearbook members for safe handling.
If you have any questions, contact Kim Boyd Bermingham  |