Rooftop “Slice of Life” Gallery Show Gala Opening
Saturday, November 9  |  12 -4 pm
The Luggage Store Annex & Tenderloin National Forest

The opening of the Rooftop “Slice of Life” show will be a fantastic party!  Last week, the city approved the closure of the block surrounding the gallery so now our gallery opening will be a block party!

The gallery and adjoining reclaimed garden, The Tenderloin National Forest, will open at noon, where families can enjoy the art created by our students, teachers, parents and community.   Student performances will begin at 2 pm and Marcus Shelby’s Orchestra will perform “Gwah Gai: Crossing the Street” at 3 pm.   (This is a work Marcus created in conjunction with Flo Oy Wong and his work at Rooftop).  This event will be an amazing opportunity to share our creativity and connect our families with the families of the Tenderloin.  We hope you will join us for this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Attachment: Rooftop Art Show 2013 Flyer (PDF)