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Rooftop Run

When: Sunday, October 25th, 2015
Where: Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts (SOTA)
Time: 11am – 2pm (rain or shine)

The Rooftop Run is a long-standing tradition where the community gathers and raises important funds for our children. Students of all grade levels participate by walking, jogging and running laps in an hour-long event. The  Picnic that follows is a great opportunity for families to reconnect with friends and make new ones.


11:00-11:45 Arrive at Run, coffee and baked goods will be sold by our middle school students
11:45- 12:00: Fun stretching and warm up by Middle School PE Teacher
12:00-1:00: RUN!
1:00-2:00: Students have their laps recorded and receive their certificates, music and picnic!

Our Fundraising Goal:

The donations you make in support of your proud runners will directly benefit Rooftop students this school year and in the years to come. If every student raises $125 we will raise a combined total of over $70,000.

Raffle – We are selling raffle tickets, $5 each or 5 for $20. You can purchase at PTA Meeting on Oct 15, on Fridays after drop off and/or at the Run on Oct 25.

Run Resources

Run Coordinators

Mary Cain & Chris Bettinger |


What is the Rooftop Run?

The Run is styled like a walk-a-thon, where friends, relatives and co-workers sponsor our students as they jog around a track. Everyone is welcome to run, including family, relatives and friends.  The Run is much more then a fundraiser – it’s a fun, family day too! After the running, we gather at center field and the entire school shares a potluck picnic.

What should I bring?

  1. Pledge Sheet
  2. Sponsor checks and cash
  3. Potluck dish (your class rep will tell you what is needed)
  4. Picnic blanket, folding chairs, sunscreen, camera etc.

How does it work?

Each student or family asks sponsors to donate money for the Run. Sponsors may be friends, relatives or co-workers. Or, the family may sponsor its student. Sponsors may donate either a flat amount or “per lap;” in the latter case the total donation is based upon the number of laps the student runs. For example, if Uncle Lou donates $3 a lap for student Charlie, and Charlie runs 20 laps, then Charlie has raised $60 for Rooftop. Donations collected on a per lap basis are due exactly two weeks after the Run. All families are responsible for collecting donations from their sponsors. To download a “Sample Sponsor Letter” and “Pledge Form” please go to the Run Packet page; these forms are also provided in the paper Run Packet sent home in children’s backpacks in September.

Why do we have to fund raise?

Proceeds from the Run provide a significant portion of the Rooftop PTA budget. The PTA funds many programs that make Rooftop special, including the full time art teacher at Mayeda campus, outdoor education scholarships at Mayeda, the art parent coordinator, Playworks, the Garden educator , sensory motor teacher and many other programs that enhance our children’s education.

Tell your sponsors that federal and state funding is so small that schools have to raise money themselves to pay for basic things like books, a library, an art program and computers.

How much should each family raise?

If each child raised $150, we would raise over $80,000 for our school. The family goal is $300, but we ask that you simply do your best to help our school.

What do we do first at the Run?

Start at the Registration tables. Register your child at the appropriate GRADE table. Registration is between 11:00 and 11:45. Be on time to register, since the running waits for no one. Next, find your grade picnic table at center field to drop off your dish. Listen for announcements of the “race” start. Running starts at 12:00 and ends at 1:00. The picnic starts at 1:00 .