What is the Rooftop Run?
The Rooftop Run is a school wide community event and one of the major fundraisers here at Rooftop.
It is styled like a walkathon where friends, family and co-workers sponsor our students/teachers as they walk/jog around a quarter mile track.
Each student/family asks sponsors to donate pledges for their student runner. Everyone is welcome to come! It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet the Rooftop community, get some exercise with your kids, and raise funds for our school. After the Run, we gather for a community picnic.

Be a Run Sponsor!
Promote your business, support our school and the annual Run! The Run is a fantastic opportunity to promote your business to our school community. Run Sponsors get a lot of visibility. See your name/logo on Run banners, and event signage. Find out more on our website or contact us at run@rooftopk8.org.

This is one of only two big fundraising events held by Rooftop, in addition to raising money through our Annual Fund. For more information, contact Chris and Mary (Co-Chairs): run@rooftopk8.org.
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