We are just 3 weeks away from our event and things are shaping up nicely. The fabulous new Run tshirts are available to order online at rooftopk8.org or you can fill out the paper copy and have your child hand it to his/her teacher or slip it in my Run box at either campus. The shirts will be ready October 12th and you should be seeing them worn about town soon thereafter!

We are still running an incredible shortage of tables and Registration Personnel. I have never had to rent tables for this event but if we don’t get some more soon, it’ll need to be done and that expense will come out of our funds raised. Also, without Registration Volunteers, we cannot possibly start the race on time, which will then shorten our picnic time together since we all need to clean up and leave SOTA by 2PM. Without volunteers we cannot put on an event like this, so please help where you can!

I also need to make a mention of our goal of $300/family. For some of us this is easy and for other not so much but please keep in mind that this is a fundraiser and whatever amount your family is comfortable donating is just fine! If your child can gather sponsors for each lap she runs from Grandma’s, Aunts and Uncle’s, neighbors or the corner Grocer on the pledge sheet included in the Run Packet, these pledges can add up to a great donation to Rooftop. Or you can simply write a check for a flat fee and drop it in the RUn box at either campus.
Thanks Rooftop…Renee Suttner-Vale run@rooftopk8.org

We are still in dire need or Room Coordinators for the following classes:

  • Ms. Toupin
  • Mr. Mayhew
  • Ms. Smith
  • Mr. Mattson
  • Mr. Lane
  • Ms. Louis
  • Ms. Mocklin

This is an EASY job that only entails emailing the families in your class 3 times. One to introduce yourself and invite them to the Run on 10/21 reminding them of our fundraising goals. The second is a Picnic Flyer, already created, that tells each family what food item to bring to the Run and finally a third email the week of the Run simply reminding them to attend. That’s it…easy peasy! Please contact me ASAP if this is something you can do for our class.
Thanks Renee Suttner-Vale run@rooftopk8.org