Hello Rooftop, I was spending some time looking over all the volunteer sheets this weekend and we are still in need of:

  • 6-8 more people to man Registration tables
  • 5-6 more Water Servers
  • 6-7 more Verifiers
  • 3-4 more Clean-Up volunteers
  • and we still need at least 14 more tables

The Run may seem like its a long way off but it is always a challenge to put everything together in the time between BTS night and October 21st. So please, volunteer where you can and let’s make this Run the best ever!

Also, the form for submitting artwork for this year’s t-shirt can be found attached; please remember that your child can enter as many designs as she wants, but they need to be completed in black ink and drawn within the box provided on the form in order to be included on the shirt. Every year we put as many designs as are collected, so get those kids busy!

The last day to submit the designs is Friday, Sept. 14th  … thank you!

Renee Suttner-Vale  |  run@rooftopk8.org

Attachment: Rooftop Run 2012 T-Shirt Entry Form (PDF)