Hello Rooftop Community! I want to keep your eyes on the prize and remind you that all the Run forms are on the website and have been for a week now. PLEASE download the ones you need and lets work this Fundraiser and break the bank to show the new teachers and families in our community what Rooftop Spirit looks like in action. The most we’ve made for this event in any one year is $75,000, lets pull together and show our kids what we can do for them and their school by making $100,000! If every family donates what they can we can do this, whether it be $5.00 or $5,000, every dollar counts toward an improvement to your child’s education. You can see these improvements directly with the re-greening that just took place at both campuses, the capital improvements we are making to the yard for the preK class, the laptops, computers, elmo’s and iPads, Professional Development for teachers and other support staff, interesting and exciting art projects, field trips and internships, sensory motor, science in the garden, music lessons at both  campuses and so much more!
So mark your calendars for October 26th:  11am Registration,  12-1pm Run, and 1-2pm  picnic and then clean up begins at 2pm. This year the tables will be spread out but grouped into areas like main dishes, drinks, desserts etc. but instead of one long line for service we will have 2-4 tables for each dish spread apart so there can be many lines for food and no one will have to wait.  Please respect the fact that there are many children with nut allergies so I am asking you as a community to not bring nut dishes or they should be clearly marked. I am investing in serving utensils so every dish will have it’s own spoon, or fork as well.
Let’s have a FUN, SAFE AND PROFITABLE event at Lowell High School on the 26th of October. 
Thank You,

Renee Suttner-Vale  |  rooftoprun@rooftopk8.org