Hello everyone! We are now less than a month away from our fantastic Kezar event! I’d like to stress that after my tour on Friday last week I am more confident than ever that this will be perfect for our Run! The packets have all been printed and I am in the process of stuffing them so every child will have one to bring home Monday, September 30th. I will also be contacting all the volunteers this weekend, especially the Room Coordinators, so you can email your classes and invite them to the event and keep them all posted on what each class needs.

As usual I always need many, many tables! Both picnic sized and card sized tables are necessary for the Run.

I sent out an 8th grade specific Rooftop Announcement explaining that unfortunately the sign-in sheet for 8th grade went missing after BTS night….so PLEASE, if you signed up for a Run job on BTS night for the 8th Grade class please contact me so we can sort it all out!

I will be speaking at the PTA meeting this Wednesday at 6:45 if there are any questions you need answered, I will explain all the particulars and tell you about my tour!

Renee Suttner-Vale  |  Rooftop Run Coordinator  |  run@rooftopk8.org