I want to direct all the new Pre-K and K families to the Rooftopk8.org website, to look under the Fundraising tab
for the Rooftop Run Packet. In that section you will find a .docx called Kinder Notes. This is the Rooftop
Run How-To Guide for all new families. Please look at it and feel free to email me with any questions.

I would also like to announce that we have a new 1st grade family that has decided to take on the t-shirt delivery job I announced in the Bulletin last week. When I get a final OK I will announce the name of this wonderful volunteer family, but this means we will indeed have a t-shirt!

As soon as I get the results of the Wednesday Bulletin Opt-Out Survey, I will then print the paper Run Packets and distribute them. Hopefully this will happen in a few days. In the meantime all the .docx on the website rooftopk8.org are up and ready to be printed. The Thank You cards are in both offices aplenty and the Tax ID number is on the pledge sheet and the Thank You Cards too.

All Volunteers will be getting their job assignments soon but I will be contacting the Room Coordinators in a day or two so you can start preparing your classes with dates, times, etc.

Looking forward to October 26th! It’s going to be a fabulous Run.

Renee Suttner-Vale  |  rooftoprun@rooftopk8.org