Hello Rooftop Community! The Rooftop Run is October 26th at Lowell High School. Since it’s coming up so fast, I spent the week pondering over how many actual, physical, paper packets I should put together this year and after talking to Mr. Slater and a few colleagues I came up with the number 200.

Everything that is included in the paper Rooftop Run Packet can be found online at the Rooftop Run website! <== Click this link, or visit Rooftop’s website, then click the FUNDRAISING tab, Rooftop Run and there you’ll find the RUN PACKET.

NOTE: This week the entire run packet (Principal’s letter, the dates & venue) will be changed so please don’t print anything quite yet!! Give the incredibly hard working tech team a few days to change all the important little facts.

That being said, if your family has absolutely NO  WAY to print the forms, I will get you a Run Packet. I am hoping to use the same list as those who need a paper copy of the Wednesday Bulletin.

OK, now on to reminding everyone that this is Amy Balsbaugh’s last Rooftop Run shirt and it will be super sweet; I am looking forward to the final design, so get your child to draw an ant in black ink or sharpie and have it put in the Run box at either campus.

We can do it Rooftop! Let’s solicit a nice round amount of $100K and show all the new staff what our Rooftop Spirit can look like and what we can do! Thank you!

Renee Suttner-Vale  |  rooftoprun@rooftopk8.org