Hello Rooftop! It’s great to be back for yet another year! I am looking forward to being back at Lowell H.S. however, since the District policy changed and NO ONE can be on the grass in the middle of the track, we will be having our picnic on an adjacent soccer field. The soccer fields are just to the Northwest of the Track and are connected by gates and pass throughs. To the parking lots and the track itself. We can easily drop our food there and register the kids there as well and just use the track for the actual 1 hour Run. This will be the 33rd Annual Run and I am feeling super confident that we can break the bank this year. Last year was not as good as the year before, we had made $75000 and then last year we dipped down to the low 50,000’s.

I understand that we all have lots of commitments and crazy schedules but I am asking that you volunteer to help out for this year’s Run on Thursday, the 28th at Burnett’s BTS Night. We also sent out a special email blast so the parents at Mayeda would know to look for the bright yellow sign up sheets at their own Back to School Night on Tuesday the 26th.

I cannot make this event happen without help and sponsorship of you and the community at large. The Fundraising Chairperson has ben sending out packets to local business to try to garner support from the community. When you and your family are thinking bout soliciting funds a great way to try to get large donations is by asking the places your frequently shop; the branch of your bank your family does business with, or the local supermarket,coffee shop or hair salon. All these places are often happy to donate to such a great cause and it is absolutely tax deducible, Rooftop’s tax ID # is 23-7349936 and can be found on the pledge sheet or the Thank You cards that are part of the Run Packet.

In order to pay for the teachers that provide our kids the programs that are so popular at Rooftop, like Sensory Motor, Library, Science in the Garden, Laptop’s, Computer Lab, Field Trips, sports equipment, a PE teacher at Burnett music programs, theater coaches plus Capital Improvements to both campuses, we need to raise a bunch of money through Fundraisers like the Run. So please, think about donating a small amount of time to help a huge cause and sign up for a job at BTS night and get out there and try to break the bank with donations this year so we can meet or beat that banner $75,000 year we had in 2012.

Thank You Again Rooftop!

Renee Suttner-Vale  |  run@rooftopk8.org