Greetings Rooftop Community!

The Rooftop Run Packets have been put together and will be in your child’s backpack tomorrow Monday, Sept. 30th! So, get those sponsor letters out and pledge sheets ready because we are well on our way to the Rooftop Run at Kezar Stadium on Sunday October 20th 11am-2pm.Please keep in mind that we are desperately tying to use less paper in these envelopes and I chose not to put Thank You cards in the packet this year. Our tax ID # for tax free donations is on the pledge sheet right at the bottom and it would be a wonderful thing to have your kids make their own thank you cards for their donors with that ID number on them. There will still be cards at both offices for those that need them.

T-shirt order form (PDF): Rooftop Run 2013 Tshirt Order Form

Thank You! Renee Suttner-Vale

The Run packets should have reached you by backpack mail by now but if not, first search your child’s backpack, or you can get the most important docs on the website under the fundraising tab you will find the Run Packet.

Our T-shirt art looks AMAZING, thank you Seb and Ramona Dragnea! I’m not going to spoil the surprise but it is really top notch. So, that being said, get your order forms in, you will find one in this bulletin.

If you have volunteered as a Room Coordinator I have most probably contacted you by now with everything you need to know to keep your classrooms informed about the Run. All other volunteers will be contacted by me as well in the coming week or so with your job descriptions: what does one really need to know about bringing a table?  Well, I will let you know! No matter the job, I’ll send you a reminder and some detailed instructions on what you need to do.

I would like to thanks Mike Moskowitz and Christian McMurrary who have AGAIN agreed to do some very important work the day of the Run. Mike will be our Registration Coordinator and Christian in charge of the Verifiers. There are so many behind the scenes volunteers that make this event happen especially Graeme and Irene:  so thank you all!

I am again reminding you that the dollar amount of donation is $300-$500 per family but even if your family is only able to donate $5 or simply a potluck dish, please come to the Run, bring your kids and enjoy this day with us! I would love to see the Rooftop Community embrace this event and show up in record numbers! You can simply write a check and put it in the Run box or have your child solicit all the aunts, uncles, cousins, family and friends they know to collect as many per lap donations as they can. This way if your child runs 20 laps and is sponsored by 15 different family members for $3/lap he has just made our school $900! This money pays for libraries at both campuses, smaller class sizes for middle school students, science in the garden, a new Playworks coach, capital improvements to the grounds, laptop carts at Mayeda and computers for Burnett and the salaries of the art teachers, garden teacher, PE teachers etc. So please come to the Run and help make our community a strong one! Renee Suttner-Vale

Renee Suttner-Vale  |  Rooftop Run Coordinator  |