I am seeing some incredible Rooftop Spirit in the form of donations in support of our students and our school, but we need to do a bit better. Please collect any outstanding per lap donation promises from uncles, grandparents, neighbors or colleagues. We really are short of our $75,000 goal. So far our grand total is hovering near $59,000 which is great but not good enough, we can do so much better Rooftop!

Each year the PTA creates the budget for the coming year based on what the donation total from the previous year was, so based on this, we’re not in great shape. I understand it seems like a lot to ask for $300 per family, but the rewards your child receives for that donation are immense. The teachers for science in the garden , computer lab, art and clay, sensory motor, Playworks, P.E., theater and music are provided by these monies as well as the computers in the computer lab at Burnett and the ones in the classrooms, the laptop cart at Mayeda and the computers in the classrooms there as well, funds for field trips and all the extraordinary art, opera, music and theater experiences our kids partake in, library books for both campuses, plus capital improvements.

This is really only a partial list of what your money funds. So, I am asking you as a community to dig deep and help us reach our goal of $75,000 so Rooftop continues to remain one of the best Alternative public K-8 schools in San Francisco and so we will not have to make cuts in any of these fabulous programs.

Thank you Rooftop for your continued spirit and love of this school.

Renee Suttner-Vale  |  Rooftop Run Coordinator  |  run@rooftopk8.org