Hello Rooftop! I am so happy to report that our donation total for the Run thus far is $57,205…woohoo! This is amazing but please keep in mind we haven’t reached our goal yet. We still need to hit $65,000 to break even with last years total and wouldn’t it be grand if we beat that goal?

There are so many companies that have matching fund programs and it would mean doubling or sometimes even tripling the amount of your donation to Rooftop if your employer partakes. Please check with your HR Department or visit the “matching gifts” section of our website to see if your donation can qualify.

As always, please bring your Run donations to the Run boxes located at either campus and don’t forget to collect your per lap pledges promised by Grandma, your neighbor or your boss, every check  collected and turned in helps us reach that $65K goal! There should also be plenty of Thank You cards at both campuses, these act as your receipt for taxes. Our tax ID # is at the bottom of each card, remember that Run donations are tax deductible!

Finally, if anyone took any great Rooftop Run photos, please put email them to me or put them on a disc/flash drive and get them to the Run box at either campus. We’d love to see what you have!

Renee Suttner-Vale  |  run@rooftopk8.org