Hello Rooftop! I am beginning to get incredibly excited about this years event, Kezar Stadium is such an historical venue. The 49’ers played there, the Oakland Raiders played their first season there and even the Grateful Dead played there and don’t forget San Francisco High School’s famous Turkey Bowl. It’s truly a San Francisco icon!

I would like to remind everyone how many tables it takes to put together this event….MANY. So if you have a card table in the garage bring it, if you feel like now is the tine to invest in a folding Costco picnic table, go for it, it will come in handy year after year!

We are also short on Registration Volunteers. I still need about 8 folks who want to sit on a comfy camp chair or whatever chair you can provide for yourself and help Register the kids in to the race as well as afterward hand out their Certificates of Achievement.

I also want to remind you that all the tables can be dropped off on the Kezar Drive side near the entrance we will be using. Mike Moskowitz and myself will be setting up the Registration area while Whitney Couch will be guiding tables and yummy edibles to the picnic area.

If you are making a flat fee donation, you can go ahead and fill out your child’s pledge sheet and stick it and the check in the Run box at either campus. We are suggesting each family donate $300-$500 but honestly my goal is to get and many Rooftop families there as possible and donate what you can! Donations can add up pretty fast if you spend one evening going to all the restaurants, cafe’s and froyo spots your family frequents and ask for modest donations or take your child around to the neighbors you are familiar with and in one evening you can make a few hundred dollars for our school.

Please do what you can and come to the event! Thank you!

Renee Suttner-Vale  |  Rooftop Run Coordinator  |  run@rooftopk8.org