Hello Rooftop! Hopefully everyone got a chance to order their Rooftop Run T-Shirts so you can where them this week! (If not, do so today, last day to order online!)

Here is one last plea for folding picnic sized tables: if you have one, please bring it with you.

I would also like to thank you all as a community one last time; without you, I could not make an event like this happen, so THANK YOU ROOFTOP! I feel honored to have been in charge of the Run for these last 7 years and for this, our 33rd Run, let’s make it happen! Let’s raise $100,000 for our children’s education.

Please check the List of Companies with Matching Gift Programs for Nonprofits for a list of companies that match donations. A $100 dollar donation would become a $200 donation, simply by talking to the HR department of your company! Please check to see if your company participates.

Even if you are not able to donate to the Run, please come! This is a fun, family centered and community building event. I’d love to see a record number of families this year. Come watch Kong chase the Organic Banana around the track. That alone has to be worth a visit this Sunday, October 26th at the Lowell HS Track and Soccer Field.

Thanks Rooftop for 7 great years of giving and generosity!

Renee Suttner Rooftop
Run Coordinator