I could not have been more impressed and pleased with the number of volunteers, the first lap with the Kinders, the Organic Banana and Kong, and of course the magical weather and air of joy, camaraderie and community ROOFTOP SPIRIT! It happens every year that people show up with food and tables and their whole families. I was impressed with everyone who helped set up, jump in where help was needed, and clean up without being asked. When the Run was over and the picnic was winding down, everyone joined in like a hive of worker ants to clean everything up. We cleaned up in record time — thank you! I was home by 4:30, even after stopping for burritos on the way.

We are an incredible community and my biggest wish as I pass the Run torch is that we can convince all of our community that we want every family to show up even if they cannot bring in sponsorships. We are in the business of making money, yes, but we are also in the business of creating a Rooftop Community.

I am truly humbled to have been the Run Coordinator for seven years. During my times as Rooftop Run coordinator, we raised between $50,000 to $75,000 annually. Please donate what you can and remember to collect those promised per lap donations from family and friends. I saw an incredible amount of power stripes on arms including Mr. Slater, our Principal, who had 24 stripes! My dream is to leave this year having made a record amount of money! We’ve made $75,000..why not $100,000? Many of you work at companies that will match your donation dollar for dollar check out:
List of Companies with Matching Gift Programs for Nonprofits<https://doublethedonation.com/matching-grant-resources/list-matching-gifts-companies/>

I’m feeling a bit sad as I pass on my duties at Rooftop Run coordinator. I feel a sense of accomplishment, however. I took the Run and Ran with it. We had some wonderful years and who can forget the GREAT MUD RUN OF 2010? Not even torrential, hurricane weather kept our kids off the track and that year we made $68,000 with about 100 dedicated kids who joyously ran through the mud at Lowell. If 100 soaking wet kids can solicit that much money, I believe in my heart that this beautiful Rooftop Community on a beautiful SF sunny day can pull together $100,000 and make it a lot easier on Verna Liza and the Auction!

Thank You Rooftop,

Renee Suttner

Rooftop Run Coordinator