The Run is mere weeks away and as I am going through all the details, I find that we are in dire need of tables for all three Kinder classes, as wells Mr. Mattson’s class, Ms. Whitcomb’s class, Ms. Katie and Ms Smith’s classes. We also need Registration volunteers from Ms. Lampear’s class and Ms McClure as well as Mr. Mattson, Ms Whitcomb and Ms. Katie.  That is a shortage of FOURTEEN TABLES and enough registration personnel to make things slow and difficult. I have never had such a low turnout in the Kinder classes, usually these are the most enthusiastic grades. Please email me if you have a picnic table or feel as though you could Register kids into the event on Sunday October 26th at 11am. 

Also please order your tshirts ASAP , the form is online in the Wed. Bulletin or at either office.

if your are making a flat fee donation, go ahead and slip it into the Run Box at either campus. Of you are soliciting for per lap donations, please keep in mind we count on you collecting the donations that are solicited. After all the money is for our children’s education!

Thank You,


Renee Suttner Rooftop, Run Coordinator:

To order a t-shirt:  Rooftop Run Tshirt Order Form