Happy New Year Rooftop! I hope you all had fabulous vacays or stay@home with the family days and have come back to school ready to finish off this Run business and get the Auction action going full swing!

I have heard many inquiries re: the Thank You cards with the Rooftop tax ID # on them. They are your official receipt and they can be found at Burnett in front of Joel’s office on the the bureau or in Rosalinda’s office at Mayada on her sideboard. If you still need more I have a big box of them and am happy to put them in even more places but traditionally the office locales have worked just fine.

So as you’re grinding your teeth wondering what the totals are well I can proudly say this school has stepped up once again and as of end of Dec. we are standing at $68,000.

This sounds terrific but WE NEED MORE funding to make our goal of $75,000. Every little bit counts, $20 checks from Aunt Linda in Sacramento or an incredible resource is to please check into matching funds look into this website: List of Companies with Matching Gift Programs for Nonprofits, or simply ask your HR department if your company participates, I will be happy to write letters to help get you there if need be,. We are so close to our goal Roofop, let’s show our kids our Rooftop spirit and pull together and blow that goal out of the water. I am confident in our school and our parents, I have faith we can make this happen.

Thank You!

Renee Suttner-Vale  |  Rooftop Run Coordinator  |  run@rooftopk8.org