Hello Rooftop, we need help here at Run HQ! We are short a few very vital volunteers for this years event at SOTA on Sunday October 23rd.

Registration Volunteers are needed in…

  • 1st Grade – Ms. Vaughn’s class
  • 3rd Grade – Ms. Kastner’s & Mr. Mattson’s classes
  • 4th Grade – Mr. Roger’s class
  • 5th Grade – Ms. Mocklin’s class

The registration job entails showing up at the Run at 10:45am to help register the kids for the event, then issuing certificates to them before the picnic. So far we have NO volunteers for this job in these classes!

We also need a few more tables to round out the event. Both picnic and card size tables are needed. Please email Renee at run@rooftopk8.org  or call 415-948-6036 if you can help out. Thanks!