I cannot believe this day is here, it seems just like a year or two ago that I was shadowing Rachel. Frankie was in 8th grade and Stella was in Kindergarten with Lissa. Well, Stella’s now in 6th grade and I need someone to shadow me so that they can handle the Run next year.

The benefit of finding someone to be around this year is so I can be available next year to assist with emergencies, answer questions, etc. The permit for the Run is already set up for a big bash at Lindley Meadow in Golden Gate Park for the 2015 school year. I had to apply for the permit a year in advance but I wanted my last Run to go out with memories. Lindley has tons of parking, picnic tables, BBQ pits, plus a track around the meadow that’s used annually by the Nike 5K Run and other similar event’s. So, the person taking over the event would have me as a resource for 2 years, and the first year (2015) is in the process of being set up already!

I will need the time when Stella is in 8th Grade to take her to High Schools for shadow days and help her focus on where she wants to continue after Rooftop. I cannot tell you enough how fun this job is and how much I love the Rooftop Run; because it’s all about the kids and that’s where my heart always lies.

Please contact Renee at run@rooftopk8.org if you are interested .