The T-shirt order forms are out and I heard kids in 5th grade have already begun creating their word art that will be the feature on the 2013 shirt.

I would like to make a few things clear about how Kezar will work for us this year:

  • All tables for food and picnic blankets and chairs will be on the grassy triangle just outside the Northwest entrance to the stadium.
  • Registration tables will also be set up right near this entrance and everyone will register when enter the Stadium.
  • The Run begins at 12 noon and ends promptly at 1pm.
  • After the event, everyone then exits to receive their certificates and enjoy the picnic on the grassy triangle right outside!
  • The staff at Kezar will be leaving the stadium open for us to use the restrooms; this way we do not have to worry about port a potties (yay!)

Please look forward to the annual Rooftop Run packets in roughly 2 weeks with all the info you need. However, to save paper you can always simply download the forms and print them out yourself from Rooftop’s website. Just find the Fundraising tab, click there and you will see all things Run related.

One last thing,there is a pay parking lot right next to the Stadium but all other parking will have to be street parking in the adjacent neighborhoods since the area just inside the park on JFK is closed off for Sunday. MLK is an option for parking inside Golden Gate park, though there are many public transportation options: MUNI runs the 71, 33, NJudah, 43, and 37, 6 and 44 … all are great options for arriving at Kezar, vehicle-free!

Questions about the Run? Check out our FAQ at the Rooftop Run website!

Renee Suttner-Vale | Rooftop Run Coordinator |

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