Welcome back to school, Rooftop! I am extremely happy to report that the Rooftop Run made $74,000 last year thanks to all of you! We had such a great time at SOTA that I am reserving their track again for our event this year.

We have a tentative date for this year’s Run of Sunday, October 21st, but note that until we actually have received that permit, this date is tentative.

The big news is that Back to School (BTS) night is coming right up! For Mayeda, it’s this week, Thursday, Aug 23rd and for Burnett it’s Thursday, Aug 30th. Please look for the yellow sign-up sheets at BTS so you can sign up for your favorite Run job. We cannot do this without you, so please volunteer early & often =) Thank you, and see you at BTS Night!

Renee Suttner-Vale  |  Rooftop Run Chair  |  run@rooftopk8.org