After a year of transitioning, beta testing and addressing community concerns, we are excited to introduce your brand new Rooftop Directory Online! Parent contact information is now easily & securely accessible from Rooftop School’s website.

The school/parent directory is online at; or, from the home page select CONTACT > Parent Directory from the top right menu.

Access to the parent directory is restricted to the Rooftop community, so you will need a password to log on to the site. If you do not know your password, select I forgot my password at the logon page & enter your email address; as long as you are in the school directory, your password will be sent to your registered email address.

Privacy: All access to the school directory is password protected. Passwords are not shared, and data is stored in a central, commercially-secure database. All things considered, our online implementation of the school directory should be much more secure than distribution of paper copies.

New Parents: New parents may register for the school directory at; you will need to provide your child’s student ID (HO#) for verification.

Mobile Access: Yes, there’s an app for that! We have a smart phone-friendly version of the directory, so you can conveniently look up contact information on the go. From your smart phone’s web browser visit & bookmark Again, you must log on to access the directory; use the same credentials you would at the web directory.

Mobile Access Tips

  • Copy & paste the mobile web address and email it to your smart phone; then click the link on your phone and then save the page as a bookmark before you log in.
  • The mobile-friendly directory has been tested on the iPhone browser, and should work on the default Android browser as well; however, your experience may vary, as we have not tested the mobile app across all mobile browsers.

The online version of our school & parent directory has many advantages over a paper-based directory…

  1. Administration: Parents may now verify & update their contact information online, lowering administrative overhead (once logged in, select MY ACCOUNT at the top right, under your name).
  2. Always Current: Contact information will always be current, and you no longer need to wait for for the printed directory! For the first time ever, the Rooftop community has a school directory before the start of the school year!
  3. Cost Effective: The Rooftop PTA should save ~$1,500 each year, money we now have to spend on other projects!

If you do not have access to the Internet, we will provide a paper copy of the school directory; these should be available for pickup at the school’s office approximately 6 weeks after start of the school year.

Questions/concerns? Please send all questions regarding the directory team at

Many thanks to Axel Huesemann, Ali Shamsi, Saskia Charbonneau, Tiffany Kendall, Mary Mottola, Kristen Hansen, Carolyn Abate, Bradley Charbonneau, Joel Velasquez, and everybody else who helped to make this happen!