Need a sitter for the auction? Want to support a group of Rooftop Girl Scouts? Hire a trustworthy middle schooler! Troop #30409 is composed of many 7th grade Rooftop girls, and is offering child-sitting services as a part of a money-earning event to support the troop’s upcoming Spring Break trip and service activities.

Rooftop scouts will be offering (6) child sitting slots — each has (2) responsible middle school girls to watch and play with your kids in the comfort of your home. Suggested hourly rate is $10 for one child, $12.50 for two children, and $15 for three. All proceeds underwrite their troop activities. Scout transportation to and from your home will be provided by troop parents.

These girls all have babysitting training and experience, and are First Aid / CPR certified. To sign up or get more details, please contact troop mom Meesha Halm at