Online Auction

Our biggest party of the year, the auction, was a great success and we are happy to announce that we have reached our financial goal. Want to know how much that is? Come to the PTA General Meeting on April 11 and we’ll be happy to tell you all about it. This year (like every year) a few gift certificates arrived at our school after our March 3 auction and they are terrific items! So we have selected these along with a few others to be sold at our VERY FIRST ONLINE AUCTION!! Yes, we are excited about this, can you tell? Here’s the link:

So if you missed our auction (or if you love to shop) here is your chance to do some bidding. We are also selling unsold slots to Parties and Events. Did you miss the sign-up sheet for Oktoberfest? The Architectural walking tour? Or the room 101 canvas bag? Click here and grab them quickly – first come, first serve. Payment will be collected via PayPal and you do not need a PayPal account to participate. The online auction closes on Wednesday, April 11 at 4pm. Direct link:

Hallway Auction

If you prefer to do your shopping with pencil and bid sheets, you should check out our hallway auction. It is on the second floor of Burnett campus, next to the MPR. There has been some fierce bidding already, so please be sure to check it out. The hallway auction will close on Wednesday, April 11 at 6pm, which is right before the PTA General Meeting.

Half-Baked Pizza Fundraiser

The PTA is sponsoring a new kind of fundraiser with Patxi’s Pizza. This time, instead of all of us cramming into the 24th St restaurant, students will have about 2 weeks to pre-sell half-baked pies (much like Girl Scout Cookies) to families, neighbors and relatives, and the pizzas (which can be finished off at home or frozen for up to 3 months), will be available for pick-up on April 25 at one of Patxi’s four city locations (Noe, Inner Sunset, Hayes Valley and the Marina). In addition, families can also purchase Patxi’s gift cards of any denomination. 25% of all pizza and gift cards proceeds will go to the Rooftop PTA. (FYI. This is a great deal. Patxi’s gave us 10% last time). For extra incentive, awesome prizes will be given to the top sellers and the top-selling class will win a pizza party, but everyone wins bc all the money goes to the PTA. Please participate and help the school makes lots of dough. See the attached forms for detailed instructions, a pizza menu form (which includes pricing) and a spreadsheet for keeping track of orders. All checks (made out to Patxi’s Pizza re: Hal-Baked Pizza) and forms must be turned into the Burnett and Mayeda offices by April 20th. Hard copies of the forms were sent home with your students on Wednesday. Questions? Contact Meesha Halm at or 415-401-7670.