20 document readers and digital projectors
20 classrooms

Most of us agree that our kids receive a great education at Rooftop. The teachers and staff are highly talented and dedicated, there is a wide support system of professionals and volunteers and the PTA funds fantastic enrichment programs. But that doesn’t mean that we can lean back and bask in the glory of our success: we can always do better and raise our standards.

The Need

We asked the teachers and administrators what they need to provide a better academic experience for our kids. Their answer: We need to invest in technology to equip our students with 21st century skills. Many of our computers are on their last legs and if we wish to avoid a ‘tech crisis’ we must act soon.

The Vision

Our task is to research and explore a multi-step Technology Implementation program. Our Faculty and PTA technology teams will work side-by-side to come up with a smart plan that addresses the needs of each teacher and classroom. Developing the Technology Implementation vision will be a work in progress.

The Goal

The number one request on our teachers’ wish list are document readers & digital projectors. With this equipment, teachers and students will be able to project notes, pages, video and/or images – from ANY source – directly onto a screen to share with the entire class.  It will save teachers a lot of time and work, reduce the number of copies to be made and lower copy and supply expenses. We need to purchase equiptment for 20 classrooms.  We estimate that implementing this first part of the technology plan will cost approximately $1000 per classroom. The goal is to raise $20,000.

Fund a Need

If you come to the auction, you will have the opportunity to raise a paddle for the document readers and digital projectors during Live Auction. If you cannot make it to the auction, please consider donating here http://auction.rooftopk8.org/fund-a-need/. Don’t forget to ask family members and friends to make a tax deductible contribution. ‘It’s for the kids!’ Your teacher and all of our Rooftop students will love you for it.

To avoid the 2.2% surcharges and fees, donors should consider writing a check payable to Rooftop PTA for contributions greater than $100.  Please send checks to

  • Rooftop Alternative K-8 School
  • Attn: Fund a Need
  • 443 Burnett Avenue
  • SF , CA 94131

We succeed because we come together as a community.  Thank you!