No matter if this is your first Rooftop Auction or your 11th, we all understand that an auction is most successful when there is ‘stuff’ that people want. And that’s where the solicitation team comes in. The solicitation team reaches out to previous donors to ask for their continued support for Rooftop. It is not a difficult call as all donors have already received a letter or email to ask them for their donation. As a solicitor you simply follow up on that letter to make sure they don’t forget. If your time is limited, you might get 10 businesses to call. If your time frees up, we can add a few more. We will never overwhelm you and we are all aware that we are all volunteers.

If you do not have time or interest to join the team, but you do have some connections or some ideas, we’d love to hear them. Our best sellers are restaurants, get aways, parties, summer camps. We would love to add more parties to our list. So think about it with some of your friends. Do you live close to some other Rooftop families? How about organizing a progressive dinner with each meal in a different house? Are you a seventies disco queen? How about a disco party. Poker night? Vodka tasting. Think about the wonderful parties that resulted from a bit of cooperation and creativity: the knitting party, the board game party, the Gumbo fest, the African diner, Oktoberfest. All big successes both for Rooftop and for everyone who got to enjoy them, including the hosts.

We would like one person on our team to coordinate the different parties and dinners. We’d also love to have someone oversee the raffle. The good news is that your work is done on Auction night, so you can kick back and relax and enjoy. For more information, contact the solicitation team at