Red, Red Wine…

Or maybe it’s white? It’s up to you!  Whether you choose a prized bottle from your own cellar, a celebratory bottle of champagne received as a gift, or a favorite vintage that evokes wine country memories, wine donations are a festive and valuable component of our Auction.  Donated wine will be auctioned off either individually, organized thoughtfully into lots or combined with other auction items such as dinners or parties.   Drop off a bottle or two at the Burnett campus office by February 1st with the name of the wine, vintage, varietal, estimated value and wine features listed on the donor form.  And just for fun, consider writing a message and signing your name on the bottle!

Dinners, Parties, and Gatherings

Many of you have fond memories of Rooftop on the Rocks!  It was a cocktail party organized and hosted by dedicated Rooftop parents who are now alumni.  For several years in a row, tickets for the party were sold at the Auction and it became the model for the Gumbo Party and last year’s 1st Oktoberfest and Summer Sabor. If you’re considered amongst your circle as the life of the party and love organizing gatherings (large or small), consider donating a dinner or party to the Auction.

Examples of previously donated dinners  and gatherings on a smaller scale include Smorrebrod (Danish open sandwiches) and Aquivit for 6, A Taste of Tuscany dinner for 6, High Tea for 10, and Make your own Homemade Artissan Pizza party for 5 couples.  Family gatherings and outings for kids are also a big hit, like a Scavenger Hunt at the Park, Dress Up Party, or Game Night.  What’s your idea?  Contact us at for details.

Volunteers Needed … Now!

As you know, the Rooftop Auction is fast approaching: this year it will take place on March 9! You can find information about the auction at the Auction website (direct link:

Please take a minute right now to visit the Auction Volunteer Signup website in order to sign up for an Auction Job. The sooner folks sign up for jobs, the smoother the Auction will go! We would LOVE it if each family could sign up for two jobs. There are positions available now (such as Solicitations, Computer Inputter, or Merchandise Pick Up), the day before the Auction (such as Decorations or Truck Loading), on the day of the Auction (such as Kitchen or Merchandise Check-out), and even after the Auction (such as Clean-up or Thank You Notes).

There are many fun jobs that do not take too long and provide a great way to get to know other Rooftop people and most importantly, to make the Auction successful. Thank you so much for your support of the Rooftop Auction! It would not be possible without you!