Happy 40th, Rooftop … featuring “On the Rooftop,” an opera by 6th Grade (Fri, 5/4)

Have you ever wondered why the students at Rooftop School gather together each day at morning circle to sing “Open the Door”?  For 40 years, generations of people have come from neighborhoods all across the City to learn together at Rooftop School. Up on a rooftop at Jackson & Fillmore in 1972, our school community came together for the first time. Now, 40 years later in 2012, Rooftop’s 6th graders have been learning about San Francisco history, while uncovering the history of their school’s founding.

On Rooftop’s 40th birthday, Friday, May 4, from 10:35-11:30am in the Mayeda Amphitheatre, the 6th grade “Art Is…” classes will present On the Rooftop, a world-premiere mini-opera, created with the support of San Francisco Opera’s ARIA Network Education program. Written, composed, staged and performed by our students, this original work celebrates Rooftop’s past, present and future. We hope that you will join us, as we use music to to tell the story of the very first day – May 4, 1972 – when seven teachers came together to “open the door” to Rooftop School.

Attachment: On The Rooftop 2012 CE Flyer (PDF)