Some of our PTA board members will retire at the end of the year and we will need new officers on the executive board. It is the responsibility of the nominating committee to recognize and seek qualified nominees for the elected leadership of the PTA. We encourage former board members as well as new pta members to consider to take this on. It will give you a greater understanding of how the pta works, what each role entails and you will be essential in shaping the new board. Members of the committee are not excluded from serving on the board next year.

During nominating committee meetings, if a committee member is being considered, the member should be excused from the meeting during the discussion regarding that office, but may return for the vote which shall be by ballot. Our PTA board parliamentarian, Brian Hibbs, will facilitate the first committee meeting to go over all the do’s and don’ts. In addition, you will meet with our principal who acts as an advisor to the committee.

Please contact Saskia Charbonneau at for details. Thank you for your consideration.