Our first PTA FYI—we hope you’ll like it!

We plan to publish this newsletter in October, January and April in an effort to keep you up to date on what’s happening with your PTA.

Download the Rooftop PTA FYI October 2011

Here’s to an exciting school year!

—Saskia Charbonneau (PTA, President)


Our PTA theme this year is CONNECTIONS.

  • We have established the School Life Committee (See page 2.)
  • The PTA pairs new families with returning Rooftop families, called Buddy Families.
  • We continue to organize Community Events, such as Welcome Picnic, First Fridays and Family Art Nights.
  • Our CONNECTIONS theme also applies to Technology. Our website has been revamped. Check it out.

More than 300 people have signed up to receive the E-bulletin allowing us to greatly reduce the use of paper at school. Thank you! We will distribute one Wednesday Bulletin per family (not per student).

Be sure to synch our school calendar on your smart phone, so you will never miss a school event! But not everything changes: our school directory will be distributed in print within the next few weeks.

We celebrate Rooftop’s diversity and want to help build connections within our community and for the benefit of our children’s learning experience. If you have any interest in getting involved, we’d love to hear from you: pta@rooftopk8.org.

Teacher Spotlight: Darren Kawaii

Currently I teach social studies back in my hometown of San Francisco after seven years in NYC. As an educator of both modern and ancient civilizations, I have traveled throughout Asia, such as China, Japan, and Korea. I also have a great appreciation for U.S. history and culture and have visited over 30 states so far.

Currently I am an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco in the Dual Degree Program in the School of Education.
My goal for the PTA this year is to bring the Mayeda Campus into the consciousness of Burnett families. DK

Computer Lab

I am happy to introduce myself as the new technology staff support person for Rooftop middle school. In this capacity I maintain and support the technology infrastructure for 5th-8th grades, which includes all classroom computers as well as our mobile laptop lab. I also will be meeting with both 5th classes on a bi-monthly basis to teach students 21st-century technology skills. After the conclusion of my first 5th grade class this past Friday, it’s heartening to see the student’s enthusiasm and excitement to master the skills that will enable them to be active participants in today’s modern society.

Tony Zidek

School Life

The School Life Commitee helps to provide insight and transparency to students and parents/caregivers around transitions to and from Mayeda as well as time spent at the Mayeda campus. How do we do this? We want to demystify Mayeda to Burnett families by creating and distributing information packets, giving tours and organizing events, such as a Spring Dance.

For Mayeda families, we streamline the administration and funding of Outdoor Ed and Graduation. By fostering partnership among grades, we hope to develop communal funding strategy to help fund trips, bring down the cost per student and provide scholarships. 7th and 8th Grade families will be invited to a High School information night where alumni parents/caregivers participate in a panel and discuss their experiences.

The committee is chaired by Serina Lopez and Sabra Chambless. So far this team has established a fundraising plan for the Rooftop Run, held its first communal fundraiser, established the Outdoor Ed Committee and provided Outdoor Ed information at the Mayeda Back to School Night. If you have questions or ideas or would like to get involved with this enthusiastic and ambitious committee, please contact:
Serina or Sabra at outdoored@rooftopk8.org


As a new committee, it is our goal to establish a pattern of regular grant seeking as a means of sustainable funding for Rooftop programs. With our diverse population, we should be able to create a database of grant writers as well as grant sources. Since grant writing and upkeep is a daunting task we can spread the workload and, with a handful of writers, each can write a grant once a year or every other year.

This may be the ideal job for a parent who does not have time to volunteer in the classroom but wants to make a contribution. If you are interested or know of another parent who has written grants, contact: Elizabeth Loo grants@rooftopk8.org