Do I need to buy tickets?

Yes! This is a fundraiser for CASA. We highly encourage you to buy your tickets online now! You can do this on our website: Please choose the e-ticket option and print your ticket so you can proceed directly to the ushers and avoid the line. We still have lots of seats open for the Sunday matinee. Please encourage your friends to come Sunday!

Do I need to send my kid to dress rehearsals?

Yes! We urge you to send your child to CASA everyday this week. Friday’s dress rehearsal is required as is the dress rehearsal at SOTA 12-3. 5th graders are required to attend everyday this week until 5pm.

Does my kid need a costume?

Yes! All kinders – 4th graders need an all black outfit and pajamas to wear over the black outfit. PAJAMAS MUST BE CLEARLY LABELED WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME. You should send your child to dress rehearsal on Saturday at noon at SOTA in costume. S/he will go home with both costumes and return to the theater with them that evening- and again on Sunday. 5th graders need one character outfit and pajamas with a pocket.

There are two shows? Is my kid in both shows?

Yes! The shows are identical. Your child must attend both shows. All 1st – 4th graders have a line. It will dramatically affect the performance if your child is not there.

I’m not attending both shows. What time do I pick up my kid?

The show runs 90 minutes plus intermission. To be safe- we are asking parents to arrive no later than 7:30 on Saturday and 3:30 on Sunday.

What time do I bring my kid backstage?

Drop-off is 5:30 on the dot on Saturday for all kinder-4th graders and 5:00 for 5th graders. 1:30 on Sunday, 1:00 for 5th graders.

How can I help?

If you signed up for a job you will be e-mailed a job description. If you have not signed up we still need the following: CONCESSIONS (sweet and savory- both shows- especially Sunday) DRINKS (both shows- wine and beer) CLEANING & TRANSPORTING SETS (after Sunday show) SUNDAY USHERS, DRESSING ROOM ANGELS (backstage help before the show and during intermission- both shows) FEEDING ACTORS (backstage snacks for Sunday). If you can do one of these jobs please let me know. The more concessions the better- if you can- please add to the bounty!

Isn’t Bay to Breakers on Sunday?

Yes! Please plan accordingly.