Greetings Rooftop Family:

I hope many of you had an opportunity to take advantage of parent conference week as a chance to have meaningful in-person dialogue regarding the progress and well-being of our students. It is my wish that these continued conversations contain depth and understanding for all the participants.

Speaking of conversations, I believe that we should always practice communicating directly with the source. Rooftop is unique and interrelated much like a small village when it comes to rumors or gossip. Word can really get around quickly! The word is not always positive or true, either. The game of telephone changes the narrative and can have a poisonous effect on the climate and culture of the school. People’s feelings can be hurt. Confidentiality can be breached. Relational trust is therefore diminished for all of the members of our community from even a single careless word. Please let us collectively guard against this insidious tendency that is intrinsically a temptation of human nature. In so doing, I ask that we reflect on the following questions when we consider passing anything along: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? With a pause like that, I believe wise words will follow. Thank you for helping us all build a vibrant culture of dialogue at Rooftop.

Let’s chat at the auction!


Michael & Tiffany




談到對話,我相信我們應該時刻練習與來源直接溝通。當談到謠言或八卦山頂是獨特的和相互關聯,就像一個小村莊。言辭可以快速傳開!那些言辭也不總是積極的或真實的。電話遊戲改變了敘事並可能對學校的氣候和文化產生有毒影響。人的感受可以受到傷害。保密性可以被破壞。因此即使是一個粗心大意的言辭可以減少我們社區所有成員的關係信任。請讓我們集體防範這種陰險傾向而這是本質上人性的誘惑。這樣做時,我要求我們考慮以下問題,當我們考慮傳遞任何東西:是真的嗎? 有必要嗎? 是善良嗎?有了這


Michael & Tiffany

Michael Reichle