Rooftop Family:

We’re hearing from many of you that the Positive Discipline lessons we’re implementing across the site are also starting to have a positive impact at home! Students who have participated in the “Bugs and Wishes” lesson focused on problem-solving are using the language of “It bugs me when…” and “I wish you would…” Students who have participated in “The Brain in the Palm of the Hand” lesson, focused on self-regulation, are able to explain what it means to “flip our lid” when we are really stressed or upset, and focus on strategies to self-calm and re-gather.

The Positive Discipline lessons are implemented across Rooftop for 20 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Additionally, we have coaching support for teachers that happens on a weekly basis. Our coach, Lori Onderwyzer, does classroom observations and meets individually with teachers to offer strategies and provide feedback. You may recall that Lori helped us kick of the year by providing professional development for all of us at our staff retreat with a particular focus on trauma-informed practices. We are very excited to provide this social, emotional, and behavioral support to our entire Rooftop community!

With much gratitude,
Jeff & Tiffany