Rooftop Family:

We are happy to report that our mindfulness/yoga program has now been expanded to our students in the middle grades at the Mayeda campus! Special thanks to parent Mary Ann Ibrahim for getting this wellness initiative going!

Our new tables and stools have arrived for David Brody’s 7th/8th grade Science class! Check them out if you get a chance!

We are so excited about the transformative work we are continuing to see with the support of our new partner, Playworks! Coach Mike not only leads and motivates our students at recess, but has also become a mentor for several of our students. We have seen an increase in students participating in organized games at recess, less behavioral issues, and a huge increase in the number of girls participating in games like soccer and kickball! Coach Mike works with our 5th graders at the Mayeda campus and has started teaching class games. Teachers are spending less time dealing with behavioral issues following recess, which increases our time for academics.

I met this week with my friend and colleague, Principal Sam Bass, from Miraloma Elementary to think about ways our two schools could collaborate. There were three areas we came up with that we will begin to explore this year. These include: Joint PTA collaboration (like supporting each other’s auctions), joint collaboration between our African American and Gender Identity Parent groups that would include shared informational sessions for our school communities, and opportunities for teachers from both schools to visit each other and share best practices. Stay tuned!

With much gratitude,
Jeff & Tiffany