Greetings, Rooftop Family:

“Showing up is half the battle” is a phrase that we are all familiar with  as wisdom for winning in life.  Showing up on time is equally important.  Due to an early start and a somewhat difficult location to access logistically, we have seen far too many students missing crucial learning minutes in the morning based on various reasons for running late.  We ask for your help in changing the statistics.  Based on the School Quality Improvement Index (SQUII) data from last year, Rooftop reported a 9% chronic truancy rate.  We would hope to bring it well below 5% this year as that is more in line with the district average.  We understand the challenges in helping our students make it to class on time and decrease absences, yet it is our wish to improve on this factor for the sake of increasing learning time for all of our students.  Please join us in our determination to decrease the rate of chronic truancy and help our students achieve more in the education at Rooftop!  We appreciate your partnership in this endeavor.

Please read our interim Superintendent, Myong Leigh’s article on this issue at

Have a great week!